“Be a man,” we always say. But nobody’s ever told me to “be a woman” – what does it even mean, anyway, to be a woman?

I’ve been one for 18 years of my life and I’m still in the process of figuring it out, I must admit. To be a man is to be brave, courageous, chivalrous and protective. To be a woman, traditionally, is to be the antithesis of a man, “to be a companion fit for him”. But females of today have a fuzzier role. Let me give you a summary of my experience so far. It began when the doctor declared, “It’s a girl”.

Well, duh.  And I’ve always been proud to be one. But wait a minute, you might say, stroking your stubbly chin. She’s an anti-feminist bitch, you might say, raising a penciled eyebrow.

Darn right, I am. But who said anti-feminists have to be weak women? Females are beautiful creatures because we’re born with the gifts of emotional sensitivity, maternal instincts, and – well, femininity. The list goes on. We’re undeniably different from men, and I’m glad I’m not one. Who wants to serve in the army, or have to constantly be expected to prove strength and courage? I certainly don’t and extreme feminists too easily forget that perfect equality should include equal responsibilities. Being a woman or being seen as a woman isn’t a bad thing; sometimes, a bit of sexism can make a girl feel beautiful.


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